You want to focus on sales because that is where we generate income!


What happens to the bottom line though when we don't focus on the big picture?
..... failure


Some unkind statistics from Fundera :

20% of small businesses fail in their first year

30% in their second year

50%  after five years in business.

70% by their 10th year.


How can Process Development by Just Work Hard Consulting help you prevent this

and succeed?

We help you identify every aspect of the business and create an optimized, checkable, reportable written process for it.


Why is this valuable?

Answer: Focus


Let's look at an example:

A New Hire on their first day:

Do they have a computer?

Do they have accounts set up in all software systems you utilize?

Do they have all of the onboarding legal documents and they are completed?


How much time would you and your team save if you could simply initiate this process and walk away?

You could then focus on ROI Positive tasks, multiplied by how many times you hire!


We create simple, written and easy operational processes for your company to follow prepares your business for success and scale.

They also allow you to focus on the tasks you and your staff perform that deliver the highest ROI.


The squad at JWH Consulting can help you find or supply the people, tools, skills and applications required to develop processes that will take your business to the next level.

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Dig into the depths of your business with a fresh set of eyes to extract profit and review processes for low hanging fruit from sales, operations, parts and service.

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