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Food is Energy

But not all energy is good for you.

Food allergies and sensitivities have been around for some time. Be aware.

Think positively about food.

When you think negatively about food. It will never taste good, no matter who cooks it or where the food is from. 

Do you crave a certain snacks?

If you crave chocolate, you might be craving magnesium, not sugar. Not all cravings for comfort or junk food are for the sugar. If you are having regular cravings, it might be a good idea to get yourself checked out for deficiencies. I know it helped me, it might help you.

Wheat is not the only answer

There are tons of alternatives to wheat. Rice, corn, flax, rye to name a few. Think of the possibilities!

Salad is your friend

A high quality salad is not to be feared. Raisins, apples, seeds and mango's oh my.

Lettuce wraps ARE good

Please stop thinking that the 8oz beef patty requires 2 pieces of bread to make it taste good.

Automotive Aid

Here is a short list of commonly asked questions about the automotive industry that I have been asked over the years.  The answers are brief; video for more value added content will eventually follow.

My vehicle requires service and it is still under warranty, do I have to take it to the dealer for service?

  • There is no clear cut answer. The right to repair contained within the Consumers Protection Act is vague. However, it is advised that when performing any repair to your vehicle, especially while it is still under warranty; it should be repaired to factory standards.

Simple Information Help

I was in a Collision, what now?

  • First and foremost, be safe. Are you injured? Is your vehicle in a unsafe position off the road? 
  • If you answered yes to either question, call 911

My vehicle is non-driveable....

  • If your vehicle requires tow due to collision, contact your insurance company. Collision repair centers with Direct Repair Contracts with YOUR carrier may not have fees associated with towing and storage.

Tires need Replacement, whats best?

  • There is no correct answer as to what tire is best because there are several factors to consider. 
    • Price, Wear Rating, Winter, Speed Rating, Run Flat etc

Synthetic vs Regular oil

Today's vehicle are going longer between oil changes. In my experience, regardless of OEM requirement, synthetic oil maintains an engine better, cleaner, smoother.

Window Tint

In Canada, the laws are written for new vehicles produced. New vehicles must allow 70% of light through any window. It does not provide a value for application, once vehicle is on the road. See the Highway Traffic Act


If you are out in the world and want to tow a trailer for toys or a camper etc, PLEASE be mindful of the towing capacity of the tow vehicle.